Workshop: Aid, Norms, & The World Society

On May 15 & 16, 2017, the Katë Hamburger Kolleg Centre for Global Cooperation is hosting a workshop on foreign aid, norms, and the World Society.

Bringing together sociologists, political scientists, economists, and other development scholars studying foreign aid from an institutionalist perspective, the workshop is intended to be a starting point for discussion of how to better understand aid through a World Society lens.

The workshop will feature several members of the Developing Conformity research team (Brown, Dawson, Fallon, and Swiss) presenting some of the initial results of the project.

Many thanks to the Katë Hamburger Kolleg Centre for Global Cooperation and their events team for generously supporting this event.  Thanks too to SSHRC for their ongoing support of the Developing Conformity project.

For more details about the workshop, view the program.